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The Tsna Riverside

In the evenings you will see a lot of couples walking along the cool river under the branches of the old brittle willow trees, waiting for a boat at the pier or enjoying themselves at the summer café terraces. No wonder! It is here where the majority of monuments and sculptures decorated with flowers are found. The length of this most romantic street will let you enjoy the stroll without feeling tired. Naberezhnaya Street is multilevel that is why despite the abundance of romantics and dreamers of any kind the traffic here is not very busy in the evenings.        

The monument to S.V.Rakhmaninov, the famous Russian pianist, composer and conductor, is installed over Music Square. It is a full-length monument of the musician looking into the distance with his right hand on his heart. Perhaps, the most spectacular fountains can be found in the canal of the Tsna river. The five-cascade fountain with beautiful night lighting spouts right out of the river.   

If you walk a little further, you will see another river fountain opposite the Bridge of Lovers. This time it is a fan floating projection fountain. The jets of this fountain create a thick veil out of spatters and water drops in the shape of a fan. Static images and videos can be projected onto this fountain.     

The bridge of Lovers is a footbridge with delicate railing. Next to it there is a monument to St. Peter and St. Febronia Muromsky, the patrons of family happiness, lover and loyalty. Here at the pier, you can book a river boat trip along the Tsna, buy ice-cream or feed local ducks. If you look closer, you will spot fishermen hiding in the shades of reed and branchy willow trees after the afternoon summer heat. 

Intercession Cathedral is visible a little farther. It is one of the oldest churches in Tambov. Right by the church there is Sochi Public Garden where you can have a little rest on the benches by the fountains after your walk. There are monuments to Tambov Man and Victims of Nuclear Disasters in the Public Garden.

The panoramic view of the riverside can be admired from Tezikov Bridge. It is a large footbridge across the river from the riverside to the park area.      

One of the most famous attractions of the riverside is the Aseyevs‘ Estate Museum Complex. Tambov manufacturer Aseyev’s richly decorated palace fits the backgound of Tsna forest and the river perfectly. 

Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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