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Тамбовская область
10 Jul
till 11 Jul

Vishnevarovo Festival

During the holidays, the symbol of the festival is not there only in the form of jam or fresh berries. The cherry theme will also follow the festive parade along the central street of the town accompanied by performances of creative bands.

18 Jul

Craft Cheese Festival

The Cheese Festival is a friendly place for emotional Italy, joyous Netherlands, sophisticated France and generous Russia.

25 Jul
till 16 Aug

Tambov Honeycombs Honey Fair

The best honey producers are going to gather at the central city park to offer their honey and bee products: propolis, bee-bread, comb capping, pollen, royal jelly, and beeswax.

01 Aug

The Cake Festival

Local chefs will introduce their best creations: classical large Russian cakes, pies cooked to order, opened and closed cakes with various fillings, fried and puff cookies, curd tarts and fish pies.

07 Aug
till 09 Aug

Festival of National Cultures

The festival fo national cultures is a fun music holiday where music and dance groups of various national diaspores are going to perform.

08 Aug

Russian Sarafan Holiday

On the day of the event, the organizers are offering to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of ancestors and wear a traditional costume.

15 Aug

Russian Tea Festival

Mint, lime, thyme, chamomile, blooming sally – over 30 types of tea made of various aromatic herbs are going to be presented at the festival.