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Тамбовская область
20 Jul

Orlov Trotter Festival

The history of Orlov breed began in 1776 when Count Orlov brought a very beautiful and valuable breeder – Arabian stallion Smetanka.

26 Jul
till 27 Jul

The Shushpan Pike Food Festival

This holiday appeared thanks to the famous Shushpan water-storage basin rich that has made Staroyuriyevo district famous for unbelievable hauls of pike fish.

27 Jul

Bondari Carousel Fair

During “Bondari Carousel” visitors will not only walk along craftsman’s stalls or take part in master-classes of folk trades but they will also have a chance to taste the goods produced by the local manufacturers.

28 Jul
till 18 Aug

Tambov Honeycombs Honey Fair

The annual honey fair in Tambov preceding the Dormition Fast, recreates the old Russian tradition of summer trading with a young honey crop.

03 Aug

Trotter Breeding Holiday

On the day of the event you will have a great chance to admire the best representatives of the trotter breed of horses.

10 Aug

Russian Sarafan Holiday

On the day of the event, the organizers are offering to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of ancestors and wear a traditional costume.