Tambov land is an amazing place with its boundless fields and forests, rich black earth, blue expanses of rivers and lakes. The mosaic of forest and steppe species of plants and animals create a unique color of Tambov nature. Famous painter Fyodor Vasiliyev described Tambov nature: “Walking in the steppe is full of wonders. There are boundless wheat, buckwheat and millet crops. There are bees in the apiary and a smooth steppe road with thick stripes of flowers by the sides. The air, especially morning air, is filled with smells so nice that you feel how it enters the lungs”.           

The main natural asset of the region is its fertile black earth. It is the black earth monolith that aroused interest and admiration at the exhibition in Paris in 1889.     

Tambov land combines the nature of the northern forests, European taiga and boundless steppes. Where else will you see the vegetation of central Russia, admire cranberry bogs, wander in the century-old oak forests or exotic thuja grove without driving out of the region? The forests are inhabited by such species of taiga fauna as marten, white grouse and Siberian roe deer. The forest-steppe is home to various animals of central Russia like boars, European roe deer, moose, ermines, polecats, beavers and other animals.                      

Tambov system of rivers and lakes is one of a kind too. The regional water bodies are abundant in pike, roach, carp, tench, chub, ide, asp, bream, perch, pike-perch, sheatfish etc. Pond turtles can be found along the river banks.            

Tambov climate is moderate continental. The number of sunny hours in Tambov is almost the same as in the resort regions of the Northern Caucasus. The average temperature in January is -8 and in July - +20.

According to “Forest Patrol” All-Russian advocacy group, Tambov region is at the top of the ecological well-being rating.