Lovers’ Bridge

The bridge passes over a hollow that used to be a canal for a small Tambov river back in the day. Today the hollow has turned into a broad walking area paved with tiles. The road ends with a small boating pier at the Tsna riverbank.     

There’s an old Russian tradition associated with the bridge: a bridegroom has to carry his bride from one bank to another to seal their union. A few years ago a new tradition came up meant to save the marriage from a break up. According to this tradition, the newly-weds hang locks with their names and date of their wedding written on it on the railings of the bridge. The keys to these locks are thrown into the Tsna river.     

Today the bridge railings are decorated with hundreds of colorful locks different in shape and size. Near the bridge there is a monument of St Peter and St Fevronia Muromsky, the patrons of family happiness, love and loyalty.

The Tsna riverbank, Tambov
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