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Тамбовская область

It is right here and not in any other part of Tambov region where there had always been many manorial and merchants’ estates. The emperor used to grant the lands along the beautiful Vorona River to the representatives of noble families and his closest associates. Today museums and preserved buildings of the 18th-19th centuries keep the evidence of the Vorona lands having links to the Tolstoys, Dashkovs, Volkonskies, Petrovo-Solovovo-Perovskies, Vinogradovs, Chicherins, etc.

We offer you a chance to admire the beauty of these places: the Vorona, oak forest reserve along its steep banks, miscellaneous herbs of steppe and striking views.

Our route starts in old Parevka village. The first record of this village dates back to 1710. Back then Parevka was populated mainly by the service class. The heart of the village was obviously a church. At the turn of the 19th century the village caught on fire that destroyed the wooden church. The new stone church school with the altar in honor of the Ascension of Our Lord was erected instead.

The village life changed significantly after the revolution. Parevka found itself in the middle of the revolt and the church building was given away to be used for a village hall. 

At present the new log church consecrated in honor of the Transfiguration of Christ has been constructed in memory of those tragic events in Parevka. Its gilded domes are visible from a distance. Being a great example of wooden architecture, the church has become a true gem of the village. 

But the church is not the only thing that attracts tourists. The local museum, the baptismal fount and an amazing view over the Vorona flooplain from Barskaya Gora are worth a visit.