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Тамбовская область

The history of Tambov area includes several centuries. Archeological excavations revealed a number of sites of ancient settlements, burials and barrows on the territory of Tambov district. These findings refer to the epochs of the late Stone Age, Bronze Age and early Iron Age. 

Today Tambov area includes a great number of villages and settlements. Many of them stretch in scenic areas along the banks of the Tsna and Chelnovaya rivers. There are over 20 churches and chapels in Tambov vicinity. These beautiful and peculiar in terms of their architecture constructions are Tregulay St. John the Forerunner Monastery, St. Nicholas church in Pushkari village, St. Sergius church – in Streltsy village, Epiphany church – in Selezni, and other churches will narrate their stories to the tourists about their hard times, persecution of Tambov believers and architectural subtleties. Perhaps, having traveled around the Holy Ring of Tambov area, some will find their way to church.