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Тамбовская область

Strolling along Tambov streets you will admire the look of the old provincial town where old buildings go peacefully together with the glass and concrete of the modern constructions. Among the park greenery, in the cool shade of public gardens, in spacious avenues and highways one can find a great number of cultural, historical and artistic monuments and constructions, mansions and estates telling their own stories about wars that didn’t involve them directly, didn’t damage them in any way but definitely left marks on people’s lives and the whole region.   

Tambovians and people who happened to be in Tambov by circumstance survived through war times in different ways. Many people volunteered to go up the frontline, others were busy raising funds for the needs of the military and worked hard. Composers and conductors, creative personalities feeling human pain, heart-breaking partings and losses, happy reunions and victory, dedicated their musical pieces to the war.       

A lot of hospitals were organized in school and sanatorium buildings during the years of Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Tambov people took care of the wounded and evacuated. During the postwar years Tambovians took an active part in reconstruction of the destroyed cities and factories. Tambov was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for its contribution to the battle against German Nazis in Great Patriotic War.

Having signed up for The Feat and Military Glory of Tambov Land excursion, you will have a chance to see Tambov land during Russo-Turkish and Balkan wars, WWI and Great Patriotic war as well as to get to know about the feats of simple people.