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Тамбовская область

A country estate in Russian culture is not just an architectural ensemble, it is not an ordinary kind of residence, but it is a phenomenon of a wider sense – the estates with lush or modest manor houses, with outbuildings and services, stables, linden alleys and belvederes, lilac bushes and terraces facing an orchard. The atmosphere of endless kindliness and aristocratic elegance reigned there. And everywhere around are fields, villages, ricks and tillage… 

“The Chronicles of Tambov Country Estates” route has united four estates that followed their owners’ tragic destinies in a way. Having lost their former luxury, rich ornamentation and usual lifestyle, they have managed to preserve their indescribable stature, pride and a belief in better days.   

Having risen like Phoenix from its ashes, some of them receive visitors. Others have bated their breaths anticipating reconstruction and meeting their first guests.

The route suggests visiting four manorial estates of Tambov land in Znamenka, Uvarovo and Inzhavino districts leaving Tambov and staying overnight at Russkaya Derevnya (Russian Village) tourist complex.

Day 1. Tambov - Znamenka - Karaul - Karandeyevka
Day 2. Karandeyevka - Ivanovka – Krasnoye Znamya – Tambov