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The construction of the hippodrome on the site of 400x120 m in the valley of the Studenets River running in the outskirts of Tambov was finally completed on April, 13th, 1837. The construction of the hippodrome in Tambov was connected to the horse racing society organized in 1837. At that same time the stables for horse keeping, testing and training were built.     

The length of the race courses kept changing. In 1854 it was one verst (1067 m) and in 1869 – 1.5 versts (1600 m). The automatic starting of horses was used for the first time in the world here in Tambov thanks to the device invented by Tambov horse breeder Lanskoy.   

Tambov hippodrome had to go through all sorts of rises and falls. At the general background of the crisis in horse breeding Tambov hippodrome is trying to overcome the difficulties and holds various horse shows. The hippodrome has been organizing the races for the Governor’s Cup since 2006. The horse riding school is also functioning here.