The Vorona River rafting

Tambov region

The beautiful river of many faces and the longest full-flowing river of Tambov land – the Vorona. Starting in Penza region, carrying its waters 200 km across Tambov land and slipping into the Khoper, the Vorona can rightly be considered our river. It is here where it reveals all its beauty in all its splendor.     

The variety of landscapes, the grand nature of Russian midland and the rich history of Vorona region have always attracted people interested in beauty and striving for harmony.

Like no other region, it used to be a place of numerous estates of gentry and merchants. The emperor granted the lands along the beautiful Vorona to the representatives of many noble families and his closest associates: the Dashkovs, the Volkonskies, the Chicherins, the Vinogradovs, etc.       

This area is known for the break out of the peasants’ revolt historically known as “Antonov’s revolt”. The richness of the animal world and its unique nature is displayed in the only in the region state wildlife reservation. Lots of beavers inhabit the banks of the river. Ducks dwell in its quiet bays. The riverside woods are homes to boars, martens, foxes and moose.        

Anyone who has ever been here would definitely say: “The Vorona is the place where one wants to come back to!”

It is possible to raft the Vorona River. The changing landscapes will leave unforgettable impressions. The riverside nature changes like in a kaleidoscope. In one day of the kayak trip you will observe a steppe alternating with a swamp, a broad-leaved forest – with a pine forest on the ancient sand outliers. In the downstream surrounded by steppes there is a cranberry bog stretching over several hectares.          

Among the attractions that you can see while rafting the river is Mozharovsky wine cellars, “Russian village” tourist complex, the ruins of the Chicherins’ estate “Karaul”, and the Lake Ilmen.