Boat trips across the Tsna river

The Tsna riverside, Tambov, Tambov region
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The Tsna is one of the most famous Tambov rivers. Starting in Sampur district of Tambov region, it carries its waters for more than 400 km. The waters of the Tsna cut into the endless meadows or flow through the thick forests. Turgenev, the novelist, called the river “deep” and the famous in Tambov writer Sergeyev-Tsensky who loved the river since childhood used the name of the river in his pen name when he became a writer. 

Tambov Tsna riverside has been its main tourist attraction and recreation area for more than a century.

To get to know the beautiful Tsna better, you have an opportunity to make a short and exciting trip along the river. Floating along the Tsna waves, you will see the nicest river landscapes, feel the aroma and coolness of the largest forest in the region.

The smooth waters of the Tambov water body also known as “The Tambov sea” open up a nice panorama view of the town monasteries, cathedrals and churches, snow-white Aseyev mansion towering over the river smooth surface, viewing areas, the Triumphal descent and tracery bridges thrown over the river. Having rounded the local recreation area along the river canal – “Eldorado” island and “Druzhba” Park – the boat takes you along the calm waters of the Tsna River to Tregulyay forest.

Considering the variety of the vessels running along the river, it can be a family trip or a religious trip to Tregulay monastery or a romantic boat trip for two. Lunch or dinner can be served to the boat.