22/1, Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov +7 (4752) 63-64-68
Тамбовская область

Talisman Polevoy Hunting Farm

33, Gagarin Str., Sosnovka Settlement, Tambov region
+7 (909) 233-73-73

Upon arrival to Talisman Polevoy hunting farm every hunter will easily find something to do there. If you purchase seasonal vacation package, you will have a chance to hunt in special 120 000 hectare area of the farm.

If  you are fond of hunting the waterfowl, you will definitely appreciate the number of water basins available here. If you prefer hunting with a pointing dog, the farm will provide you with the access to its huge steppe areas to hunt the fox, the marten and the hare. The area is full of gullies, small woods, oak forests and fields overgrown with birch and aspen trees.

The hunting farm also offers you to book a hunting tour with a gamekeeper to VIP  hunt in areas.

Talisman hunting farm offers the following hunting options:

  1. Driven shooting (battue): wild boar, roe deer, moose.
  2. Hunting from a tower (hunting blind): wild boar, roe deer, moose.
  3. Stalk: wild boar, roe deer, moose.
  4. Drake hunting with a wild duck in a hide.
  5. Hunting the migratory goose with a goose decoy in hide.
  6. Black grouse hunting.
  7. Pheasant hunting with a pointing dog.
  8. Fox or hare hunting with hounds. 
  9. Fox hunting with an earth dog.