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Тамбовская область

Talisman Hunting Farm

+7 (910) 753-73-73, (915) 889-81-11

Thanks to the vast area (43.95 thousand hectares), developed road infrastructure and location close to the regional center (about 40 km), the venue is easy to reach as for the weekend hunting, so as for a day-long stay away from home.

Running across the territory of the farm the Chelnovaya River with its various fish habitats is located distant enough from the popular fishing spots.

Talisman hunting farm offers a comfortable hotel that can accommodate up to 27 hunters. The hotel is situated by the edge of the pine forest on the right bank of the Chelnovaya River. There is also a restaurant nearby where hotel guests will enjoy their meals.

Talisman hunting farm offers the services of vehicle rent. Here you can rent a car for your hunting, a snowmobile and quad bikes to drive around the farm. Renting a helicopter is also an option for both hunting and entertainment.