22/1, Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov +7 (4752) 63-64-68
Тамбовская область

Galdym recreation center

7th block, Galdym forestry, Gorelsky forestry, Tambov district, Tambov region
+7 (920) 498-88-58

“Galdym” recreation center is located in one of the most beautiful places outside of Tambov – in Galdym forestry, 40 km to the north from Tambov.

In Mordvinian the word “galdym” means “swampy lowland”. Galdym forestry is located in Tsna woodland, on the right bank of the Tsna River opposite Troitskaya Dubrava and Malinovka villages. Tourists are welcome to stay in cozy double hut-houses, townhouses with double rooms, three-bed and four-bed rooms in “Winter house” complexes and five-bed and six-bed rooms in “Bokinsky House” complexes.  All rooms are equipped with necessary furniture, a TV, a fridge, a bathroom and Wi-Fi.

Guests of the recreation center can enjoy their meal at “Tatianin Den” restaurant. There are many opened and closed summerhouses with a barbeque on the territory of the center. There is also a health and fitness center with an up-to-date gym, a sauna and a billiard room and an all-purpose sports ground. The services of bicycle, ski and skate renting is also available.        

The beach of the recreation center is equipped with beach chairs, sunshades and shower booths. There is a volleyball and football fields available at the beach, as well as inflatable slides and other rides. In summer the guests of the center can have a ride on a boat, a kayak, a catamaran or a motorboat (accompanied by an instructor).