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Тамбовская область

The stone summer church of the Nativity with altars in the names of the Nativity of Christ, the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and saint martyrs Florus and Laurus was built in 1823. The construction was carried out by locals with merchant Selantiyev’s financial support. The church was surrounded by all sorts of schools: a parish school, zemstvo schools, and two-year course technical school. Old-timers recall the church to be a grand one resembling the Bogolyubsky cathedral in Michurinsk.

The church building was completely destroyed to its foundation in the 30s of the last century. No photos or drawings have remained of the former beauty.

The new church in Glazok village is also being built collectively. The construction works began in 2009. A cross stands now in place of the old church where the altar used to be. In summertime, the faithful get together here for a Sunday prayer.

The new church ended up being ornate – it is adorned with five domes and a small bell tower.

Sovetskaya Str., Glazok village, Michurinsk district, Tambov region
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