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Тамбовская область
The church of the New Russian Martyrs

The word “martyr” in Greek means “a witness”. The Holy Martyrs of Christ are the people who proved their unshakable faith in resurrected Christ by their sufferings and deaths.  

The lives and spiritual deeds of hundreds of sufferers of the 20th century are connected with Tambov. The official number of the praised Tambov new martyrs and confessors is about 30 people including archpastors, clergymen and monks. The church of the New Russian Martyrs was built in Polynki cemetery in 2000 in rememberance of the zealots. In 2002 the church was consecrated by the patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II. The church designed by architects A.S. Lunkin and G.M. Lunkin’s project is a hierarchal compound. It is decorated with large-scale mosaic icons painted by Tambov artist, L.I. Gurdjiyev in “Palekh” style: Kazan icon of the Mother of God (in the altar), “Bearing the Cross” (on the church porch), the icon of St. Pitirim (on the holy-water chapel) and “Epiphany” (on the clergymen’s house).

The worshiped holy objects of the church are the miracle-working weeping icon of the Royal Passion-bearers, the icon of Russian New Martyrs and Confessors presented by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, a chest with the holy relics of the New Martyrs, the icon with a fragment of St. John the Long-Suffering. The church is famous for the continuous weeping of the iconostasis icons of the Saviour and Kazan Mother of God. 

Polynki cemetery, Tambov, Tambov region
+7 (4752) 44-82-55
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