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The Church of Michael the Archangel in Chernavka

The wooden building dating back to 1865 once decorating Chernavka hasn’t been preserved to these days. During its best years the church had a parish school and a free refectory for the students. At present there is no trace of the former grandeur of the wooden church built in the eclectic style.

The origin of the name of Chernavka village is quite interesting. Inzhavino district has Krasivka, Khoroshavka, Chernavka villages. The territory occupied by these villages today belonged to a rich landowner who had three daughters. Everyone loved the eldest daughter for her personality and beauty. So she was nicknamed as “Krasavka” (the word “krasivyi” in Russian means “beautiful”). The middle daughter, cute and kind, was called “Khoroshavka” (“khoroshyi” means “good”). The youngest one, tall and dark-haired, was called “Chernavka” (“chernyi” means “black”). The father loved his daughters and granted a large allotment to each one of them. Villages grew on those lands and were called by the daughters’ nicknames.    

The official documents say that Chernavka was founded by smallholders the day before the 1745 census was held and was called “newly-settled village of Chernavka“. Fifteen families mainly from Krapivinsky uyezd of Ryazan province settled here along the banks of the Vorona River. This fact proves that the legend does not have any historical foundation and is just a creation of local folklore.

Chernavka village, Inzhavino district, Tambov region
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