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At the end of the XIX century, the noble family of Mozharovs settled down in Krasivka village. They moved here from Sayukino village after they had bought Novokrasivsky wine-making plant and a match factory. These plants used to be owned by Ivan Mozharov. His younger brother, Vladimir, was the manager of the wine-producing facility. Vladimir’s son, Pyotr Mozharov, a famous Russian engineer, a constructor of the first Soviet motor-bikes, used to visit his uncle and make the area famous.      

His uncle’s business was a good foundation for the future constructor. Together with local villagers, he constructed a boat with an air propeller (a speedboat) and a “Proba” two-seater plane. There was a runway not far from Krasivka. 

The facility was equipped with an artesian well to supply water. This well is still functioning. At present, there’s not much left from the former manor house. Only long wine cellars of the early XX century remind of the bygone luxury and prosperity. The cellars are available for tours.

Today, only man-made lake Zolotoye reminds of inventor Mozharov’s life and work in Tambov. There, at the lake, you can spot a few swans. The wine cellars overview the floodplain meadows – the location of the first in the area plane and runway.

Krasivka village, Inzhavino district, Tambov region
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