Petrovo-Solovovo estate

In the past, the estate was a vast complex of service and habitable buildings, a church. Until 1970s the former estate used to be an orphanage. By this time only the master‘s house and a mill have stayed well-preserved. 

The count family of the Petrovo-Solovovos was an old noble family known in Tambov and all over Russia. Count Petrovo-Solovovo was one of the wealthiest people of Tambov and for many years he had been elected as the leader of Tambov nobility. The estate in Karay-Saltyki village was not the main one in the list of the count’s property. Here he owned ploughlands, hayfields, pasture lands, woods and other land and water areas. The luxurious Petrovo-Solovovo estate included the master’s house with winter garden, a house church, a carriage yard and a small linden park with many flowers and a summerhouse. Nearby there was a stud farm, a mill, a tobacco warehouses, a winery and vast cattle farms. Count Petrovo-Solovovo received his title from his wife, Countess Perovskaya. Their children recieved a right to be called Counts Perovsky-Petrovo-Solovovo. After the October revolution, the Petrovo-Solovovos had to flee from Russia. The Count’s fortune was the source of multiple legends about the treasure buried near the estate.

Karay-Saltykovo village, Inzhavino region
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