Thuja Grove

The thuja grove is located near Stenshino village of Petrovks district. Here one can see about 700 American arborvitae trees. All the trees are numbered and under special control. The Thuja grove has a status of the natural monument of Tambov region.   

Stenshino village is found among the fields. It is the birthplace of a famous Russian physicist, an inventor of the tungsten lamp, Alexander Lodygin. The Lodygins‘ mansion was a typical country house. Two layout plans were preserved until today. The house of the first plan got burnt that’s why by the end of the 19th century it was rebuilt. Perhaps, the following owners, the Shatylovs, had the house bult with two storeys. The ground brick floor was meant for the service rooms, the second wooden floor was where the owners had lived. Unfortunately, only the ruins of the country house have been left now.      

The Lodygins‘ estate used to have a symmetrical park with the area of 20 hectares. Its layout plan has been preserved well. In the center of the park there is a linden tree alley joined by the pine and fir alleys surrounding a wonderful apple orchard. There are more alleys – oak, birch, lilac tree ones. The partially overgrown and shallowed ponds are also found int he park. Such trees as European pine, Weymouth pine, European larch grow here.  But the main attraction of Stenshino park is the only in Central Blackearth area thuja grove. This tree variety was brought here from South America. The great value of the tree is in the high quality of its wood used for the construction of ship masts. It is a wonder that Ivan Ladygin managed to keep the heat-loving beauties from severe Russian winter. No matter what, the thuja trees grew nice and tall. Any attempts to breed these varieties in any other places failed. Thanks to people’s ignorance, the trees remained untouched during the postrevolutionary times. They were not cut down because people were unaware of the value of these trees and didn’t know what to do with them. It was difficult to saw and burn thuja trees and that’s what made them safe.        

Stenshino village, Petrovka district, Tambov region
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