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Trinity church in Pichayevo village

The church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity is a true decoration of Pichayevo village. The first church in the village was built in 1755 and the new stone one that survived to our days – in 1889. The church is unusually spacious for the village – it can accommodate up to 4 000 parishioners. It was well-built originally. They say that sheep’s wool was placed under the foundation (it is water-proof) while the grout was mixed with eggs to make it stronger. There are two altars in the church: the main one – in the name of the Holy Trinity and the side altars – in honor of the Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple and the Nativity of John the Baptist. Being one of the most beautiful churches of Tambov land, it was known for its splendour ornamentation: wonderful wall paintings, skillfully-painted icons, decorated with gilded carving iconostasis. Before the revolution the church kept two worshiped icons – the Iberian icon of the Mother of God and the icon of the holy martyr and healer Panteleimon. The church was the very center of the village life. Distinguished and godly people had been buried near the church until 1917.   

Everything changed when the new gobernment gained power. In 1933, the church was closed and in 1937 all the clergymen, members of the parish council and some parishioners were arrested. All of them were sentenced to differetn terms while the church clergymen serving there before it being closed – protoiereus Mitrofan Zamyatin and priest Apollon Guriev – were sentenced to death by shooting.  

The church was reopened in 1945. General overhaul, restoration works and territory improvemnts were conducted. It is the only church in Tambov metropolitanate that has a wooden carved iconostasis overlaid with gold leaf and that dates back to the 19th century. Today, the church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity acknowledged as a monument of architecture has become one of the most decorated ones in Tambov land.   

11 A, I.Volchkov Str., Pichayevo district, Tambov region
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