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“The Memory Wall” triptych

The unique triptych memorial in honor of the Immortal Regiment is located in the park named “40 years of the Victory” in Tambov. Thanks to the current technology, the heroes are immortalized in the artistic panel named “The Memory Wall”. The feat of arms of Tambov citizens is depicted in three images: “Mercy” reflects the deeds of the medics during the war years; “Zoya” reminds of the heroes who gave their lives for the Motherland; “Bread for the Front” tells about the labour feat of children and the elderly.        

The images were created out of thousands of unique historical photographs that Tambov people had brought from their family archives. The initial plan was to collect about 5 000 photos. But the citizens turned out to be very supportive of the idea and brought more than 17 000 unique photos. The author of the composition is a photoartist, a member of the Union of designers in Russia, Igor Pshenitsyn.     

40 years of the Victory Park, Tambov
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