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Tambov Regional Museum of Local History

Tambov museum of local history was founded in 1879. From the very beginning it had been developing as a museum of local history. The museum expositions had been formed thanks to private donations, research work of Scientific Archive Committee and subject collectons. The fund collections were based on the materils on Archeology, Ethnography, collection of ancient manuscripts, weapon, etc.    

By 1917 Tambov had had several museums: Scientific archive committee museum, collections picked by the Society of Popular Readings, Tambov town museum and the Society of nature lovers, traveling museum of visual aids named after A.F. Bunakov. In 1918 they were nationalized. The general provincial museum uniting all the collections of the assembled museums  started being formed during the years of the Civil War and had finished by 1922. The first general provincial museum was located in merchant M. Y. Shorshorov’s former house. 

In November, 1929 the museum of local history moved to the building of Saviour-Transfiguration Cathedral where it had been functioning until 1994. In October, 1937 the museum received a title of the regional museum of local history due to the organization of Tambov region itself. Since 1994 to the present the museum has been settled in the building that used to be the House of political education. Today’s building of the museum is an architectural monument in classisism style of the 1950s. The funds of the museum include more than 120 000 pieces. Among them there is the collection of Russian printed engravings of 18th-19th centuries, the collection of Chinese and Dutch decorative vases of the second half of the 18th-19th centuries, the paleontological colection of invertebrate animals and the collection of rocks. The branches of the museum are Museum and Exhibition Center of Tambov region, Tambov region Museum of History of Medicine, G.V. Chicherin House Museum, V.I. Vernadsky Estate Museum and Morshansk History and Art Museum.

3, Derzhavinskaya Str., Tambov
+7 (4752) 72-63-13

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