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The Svyatovskoye Lake

No doubts, the lakes are a wonderful and inimitable decoration of this land. Many of them are full of secrets. One of such “mystery“ is the Svyatovskoye Lake located in the area too. 

Sometimes the lake is also called Round because it has a regular round shape. The area of the lake takes about 5,5 football fields and its depth is equal to the height of a 6-storey building.

This regular shape and considerable depth are one of the mysteries of the lake origin that hasn’t been fully discovered yet. According to one version, the lake was formed as a result of a large meteorite fall in prehistoric times. Others believe it to be a karst chasm filled with underwater.    

The 25-30 meter-long waterlogged area stretches around the Svyatovskoye lake making it difficult to come closer to the water. The lake itself has always had a number of legends associated with it. 

According to a legend, in old times there used to be a village and a church in place of the lake. The soil in this area is quite swampy. So, at one rainy night the church and the whole village went underground having formed a lake. This legend also says that the lake has its own keeper. Supposedly, it’s a landowner of the vanished village.      

The second legend tells a story about an unlucky village. The people living in it used to lead a peaceful life. The head of the village used to be the council of local old-timers. One day, a man came to tell about the approaching misfortune and asked everyone to leave the village for good. The council was called in and the villagers had been discussing the news with the council for a while. Finally, they decided to stay in their village and to send two people, a young woman and a young man, to travel far from the place. The man who had brought the bad news said: “Whatever you hear, no matter how much you will want to come back, do not look back! Otherwise you will die!” So, the young people left. They had been walking and running for a very long time. And suddenly they heard the sound of the water coming. They heard the screams of the villagers calling for help. At first, they didn’t pay attention to it and even started walking at a faster pace but the screams were still loud. Finally, they thought that they had walked far enough, they decided to have a last look at their home left behind. They turned back and took their last glances. Instantly, they turned into stones. Today, these stones can be seen not far from the Svyatovskoye lake – “the stones appeared in the open field out of nowhere”.

The Svyatovskoye lake is included into the list of specially protected natural areas of Tambov region.

Tambov district, Tambov region
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