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Church of Our Lady of Sorrows

The church in the name of the Icon of the Mother of God "Consolation of All Who Sorrow" at the New cemetery in Michurinsk (today this cemetery is called Old) was built in 1803 with Kozlov merchant Ivan Voronov’s financial support. The graves of the philanthropist and his wife are located near the altar wall. The church was constructed in Empire style in a shape of a cross. The northern and southern church porches are decorated with columns. The church was vicarious until 1808 which means that it didn’t have its own clergy. Initially, the church had three altars: in the name of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and St, John the Precurser. However, it had become one-altar by 1911. There was also a parish school by the church.    

During 1920-1940, the church clergy had been exposed to the regular oppression from the authorities. Some clergymen were arrested and imprisoned or exiled. Protoiereus Mikhail Trofimovich Bogoroditsky who had been in charge of the congregation in 1897-1930 was executed by shooting after several arrests.      

During the Soviet years the church of Our Lady of Sorrows was closed and used as a tractor workshop. The church was supposed to be destroyed in 1939 but only the bell tower suffered. The community of the faithful was organized by the church at the end of the summer of 1943. It became the first resumed orthodox parish in Tambov metropolitanate. The church building was handed over to the community on September, 30, 1943. The state of the church was horrible back then. The altar was broken, the wall paintings were severely damaged and the walls themselves were partly destroyed and there was no floor. Nevertheless, the people were happy and the church revived soon enough. The choir started singing, the bells started ringing, and artists recreated the wall paintings. The church got its iconostasis. The divine services had been resumed by the end of 1943 and are still being conducted today.

8, Novy Kvartal Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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