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The Savala Rivier

The Savala is a river running across Tambov and Voronezh regions but its source is in Tambov region, in Rzhaksa district. The total length of the river is more than 280 km. The river flows along the area cut with ravines that actually gives it a picturesque look. The river stream is generally calm even with its twisting course. The banks are overgrown with bushes and woods mostly located on the border with Voronezh region and in Voronezh region itself.     

The river is abundant in fish: pikes, perches, roaches, redeyes, carps, and breams. The Savala is known for its manmade waterfall by Vyazovoye village, Zherdevka district.   

The name of the river is associated with a legend that takes us back to the times of the Tatar-Mongol invasion. One of the Tatar commander’s daughter fell in love with a Russian young man. She begged her father to let her marry the Russian but the father was adamant and even made a decision to leave the area to prevent them from being together. According to the legend, the girl didn’t accept her lot and drowned herself in the river. Her name was Savala.

Tambov region
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