The Moshlyaika

The Moshlyaika is the right tributary of the Tsna river. It is fed by many springs. These springs are more than 70 just in the area of Tulinovka village.  

The Moshlyaika is not a deep river. In some areas it is about 90 cm deep, in others, it has been overgrown with the reed, water lilies, and duckweed. The length of the river reaches 12 km. Two dams have been built in the middle course of the Moshlyaika. The first dam forms the Pioneer pond that consists of two stretches  - northern and southern. There is a manmade island in the center of the northern stretch. The average depth of the ponds is about 2 m and its maximal depth reaches 5 m.     

The river banks are mostly flat with alders, fern, and aspen growing on its slopes. The reed mace, arrowhead, and rush are often found at the shores. In summer, the water surface gets decorated with cow and water lilies. The water dwellers include mollusks and various types of fish ( the carp, the perch, the pike, the roach, etc.). Frogs, lizards and water snakes can be easily spotted near the water.   

The Moshlyaika is loved for its sandy beaches. Lots of cottages and children’s camps stretch along the river. The Kosmos and the White Sand beaches are perfect areas to relax both the bones and senses. Century-old pine trees bend their tops to the smooth waters of the river as if looking into the mirror. The river water is rarely covered with duckweed.

Another amazing place is the bridge over the Moshlyaika that communicates the “main” part of Tulinovka village with the small island of Kurgan. Kurgan is surrounded by the river waters. The island is also known as “the green rustle” for its thickly-planted willow trees. 

Tulinovka village, Tambov district, Tambov region
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