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Rasskazovo museum of local history

Rasskazovo museum of local history was extablished in 1974 on a voluntary basis as a public museum. Since the middle of the 18th century the lives of most citizens of Rasskazovo have been associated with production of fabrics. Hence, the central attraction of the museum collection was the exhibition of textile industry products.          

Because of that the museum was given a new name – “Rasskazovo history museum of weaving and textile industry”. In 1999 the museum moved to an old two-storey building dating back to the 19th century. It belonged to merchant Ivan Zheltov, the owner of large tanning factory. Rasskazovo merchants, the Zheltovs, placed themselves on record of the town. The first members of this family showed up in Rasskazovo at the turn of 18th century. Little is known about them but supposedly they were the descendants from Count Sheremetyev’s Nizhny Novgorod estate. In 1863 Zheltov brothers founded a cloth factory. In 1896 the annual turnover of the Zheltovs’ factory reached 300 000 rubles. The Zheltovs got involved into charity as it was a quite popular activity at the times. They organized an admission department on the premises of the factory. The Zheltovs funded maternity hospitals and colleges.     

Today the museum offers temporary and permanent exhibitions. Interesting enough are the expositions devoted to the objects of peasants’ and merchants’ everyday lives, as well as to church decorations.   

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