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The Monument to the Veteran

The monument represents a bronze sculpture of the veteran sitting on the bench and holding a small girl. The model was a Tambov native, a front-line soldier, a private of the Guards, Ivan Stepanovich Odarchenko (1926-2013). Sculptor Evgeny Vuchetich made his sculpture of a liberator-soldier for the memorial to the deceased Soviet soldiers and officers in Berlin using Ivan Stepanovich as a model.  

Odarchenko was called up for a military service in January, 1944. Ivan Stepanovich took part in the liberation of Hungary, Austria and Czechia. The war was over for him when he was near Prague. He was awarded with a medal “For Courage”. After the Victory he continued his service in the Soviet occupation army in Berlin. In 1949 Ivan Stepanovich was demobilized and came back to Tambov where he lived for the rest of his life.

The sculpture in the Victory Park designed by sculptors Viktor Kulayev and Valery Paramonov melts everyone’s heart: an 84-year-old veteran with decorations and medals on his chest is sitting on the bench holding a small girl on his lap and looking at the children playing in the park. The idea behind the sculpture was to show a veteran who is not a ferocious soldier in all his grandeur but an average front-line veteran whom we sometimes pass by without noticing. The authors‘ intention was to make people pay attention to those who still live among us and need our help and care and to make them keep a good memory of them in future. This monument unites the past and the future. It is full-size monument so anyone can take a seat on the bronze bench next to the veteran.

The park of the 50th anniversary of the Victory, Tambov, Tambov region
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