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The monument to the Soviet victor-soldier in Rasskazovo

The grand monument to the Soviet victor-soldier is installed in the center of the memorial complex to the victims of the World War II. The design and construction of the complex had been lasting for several years because of the arguments about what the memorial should look like and what monument should be its focus.   

As a result, the center of the composition was chosen to be a hero-soldier wearing all the military equipment with a machinegun at the ready and stepping on a German helmet, colours and a knife. The eternal flame is lit in front of the soldier.   

The monument is dedicated to the people from Tambov region, Rasskazovo and Rasskazovo region who lost their lives in the battle fields during the World War II, as well as to the working people of the rear who contributed a great deal to the victory of Soviet people over fascism. More than 19 000 Rasskazovo people joined the Soviet army but 10 268 of them never came back home. They paid the price of their lives for the victory.  

The memorial immortalizes the names of 3 423 Rasskazovo citizens called up for the service. Their names are engraved on 118 granite slabs. Eight more slabs bear the names of the Heroes of Soviet Union and full cavaliers of the Order of Glory. 

Lenin Park, Rasskazovo, Tambov region
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