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The monument to Admiral Ushakov

The monument to the great naval commander and saint of Russian orthodox church is installed in Tambov public garden at the intersection of Sovietskaya and Lermontovskaya Streets.

The bronze monument represents a medal on a pedestal with the admiral’s face on it with Russian-Turkish sea battle at the background. The author of the monument is a famous sculptor, Alexander Rukavishnikov. 

Tambov monument to Fyodor Ushakov is one of those tourist attractions that should be rubbed for a good luck. There’s one interesting detail in the monument – a cannonball dating back to 1812. According to local historians, it was found in Rasskazovo together with the buried treasure that belonged to Tambov volunteer corps. Ones seeking for a good luck should rub this cannonball.   

74, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov
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