St. Nicholas church in Bolshaya Rzhaksa

The old wooden church in Bolshaya Rzhaksa was built in 1773 by parishioners. It had one altar. The new stone church with a bell tower was founded in 1889. But it was consecrated only in 1911. There was a church school and a library by the church.    

It had been functioning for a while after the revolution. But in 1927, it was closed and transformed into a granary. By the end of WWII the church building had dilapidated. It was returned to the believers in 1992. Today just like in the past St. Nicholas church is topped with a double dome with arched gables resembling an open flower by its shape. This beautiful church has been recognized as a monument of architecture. 

5, Tsentralnaya Str., Bolshaya Rzhaksa village, Rzhaksa district, Tambov region
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