The Museum and Exhibition Center of Tambov region

The Museum and Exhibition Center of Tambov region was founded in 2010. The choice of the venue for the museum was not accidental. The building that houses the museum is a historical and cultural monument on its own. Built in eclectic style, it defines the face of the histoical part of the town.   

The main museum exposition of the center “To the glory of the Motherland” tells about the versatile activity of the front-line area of Tambov region in terms of aid to the army. It displays a wide panorama of the combats, examples of courage and bravery of thousands of Tambov people during the yeas of the Great Patriotic War. The exposition consists of thousands of exhibits including a great number of objects from the front line, battle-scene paintings and sculptures, weapons and soldiers’ war decorations, their personal things and documents, Guards banners, many materials proving the greatness of military and labour feats, patriotic initiatives of the citizens, the employees of the factories and collective farms, universities, schools and cultural institutions.

142/10, Karl Marx Str., Tambov
+7 (4752) 72-10-65

Tu, We, Fr-Su 10:00-18:00

Th 13:00-21:00

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