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Тамбовская область
The museum based in the building of Morshansk manufactory

A modest but worthy of a visit museum is housed in the old building of Morshansk manufactory founded by the prominent Tambov manufacturists, Aseyev brothers. In 1892 the brothers purchased the estate that had previously included a mill together with service buildings, dwelling houses and a forest. In place of the burnt mill, the Aseyevs built a coarse-graining factory. The buildings of the factory remained well preserved until now. 

Morshansk manufactory of the 21st century is still a scenic place on the outskirts of the town. The Tsna river surrounding the factory is a natural decoration of this place. The factory museum tells about the history of textile industry in Morshansk displaying historical photos and old devices that desreve a close look. 

The layout plan of the factory with all its production facilities, workshops and administrative building takes the central place in the museum. The desk that used to belong to the first manager of Aseyevs’ factory, Nasaretov, is well preserved and displayed in the museum. 
All the exhibits displayed in the museum make a part of history that lets us go back in time and remember the feats and achievements of the workers of the textile factory. 

1, Rechnaya Str., Morshansk
+7 (47533) 4-47-74, 4-26-68
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