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The Museum of History of Medicine in Tambov region

The subject area of the museum includes the history of medicine of Tambov region starting with 17th century to the present day – the development of various branches of medicine and medicoprophylactic institutions of the region. A considerable part of the museum collection is based on the documentary fund: published periodicals and non-serial editions on the issues of medicine, treatises and research works by the most prominent figures of regional health care. It includes manuscripts, private papers and photographs, as well as the rarest editions on the medicine of the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th centuries.    

The numismatics collection consists of the personal government awards granted to Tambov doctors of the 20th century, personal seals of 19th – 20th century medics. The museum is a proud owner of a valuable collection of medical equipment, instruments and medications of 19th – 20th centuries. The significant part of the visual collection includes paintings and graphic arts by a famous Tambov ophthalmologist and first ecologist of the region, K.N. Kardo-Sysoyev. The sculpture portraits of Tambov doctors by K. Y. Malofeyev supplement the museum collection.      

Alexander Chizhevsky’s collection is worth of special attention. He was a scientist and inventor of “air ionizer” tested in “Arzhenka” poultry state farm in Rasskazovo, Tambov district, in 1930s. Professor Chizhevsky was one of the founders of space biology and medicine, aeroionology and its practical application. He was also a creator of mathematic theory of blood electrodynamics. The museum displays the inventor’s photographs, documents, research works, and personal belongings. There is also a unique device meant for air ionization – Chizhevsky chandelier.

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