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Schema-nun Belousova’s grave

Schema-nun Seraphima (Matrona Belousova by birth) was born pn November, 14th, 1890 in Lebedyan of Tambov province (today’s Lipetsk region). After having two children, the family moved to Kozlov (modern Michurinsk) where her husband found a job. Matrona’s spiritual life at that time was closely connected with the Holy Presentation Optina monastery. She visited the monastery many times. The Belousovs had lived in Michurinsk until 1934 before they moved to Voronezh. During the hard war years the reverend mother had been living in front-line occupied Voronezh. In 1944, she took an active part in restoration of St. Nicholas church in Voronezh as well as in fund-raising for army needs.           

In 1946, the Belousovs returned to Michurinsk where Matrona and Kirill had lived until the end of their days. In two years after her husband’s death in 1960 the reverend mother took her vows of schema. People from all over the country were visiting the elderly nun asking for prayers and spiritual instructions. Sometimes when the reverend mother was praying, her neighbors had to call out the firemen because it seemed to them that Seraphima’s house was burning in flames inside. Michurinsk eldress was in close spiritual contact with many Tambov zealots of godliness of the middle of the 20th century including schema-hegumen Metrophanes (Myakinin) from Turovka village of Nikiforovka district, schema-nun Antonia (Ovechkina) from Mordovo and others.              

Schema-nun Seraphima died on October, 5, 1966 and was buried in Michurinsk at the Old cemetery near te church of “Consolation of All Who Sorrow“. Dozens and hundreds of believers visit her grave every day. Several thousands of people gather together on her death day. In 2004, a canonization committee was called in to collect the evidences of her miraculous healings and abilities to solve difficult situations with prayers.  

8, Novy Kvartal Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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