“The Parisians” movie shooting locations

“The Parisians” comedy starring French actor Pierre Richard was shot in Tulinovka village, Tambov region. According to the script, the action takes place in a fictional Russian village called Paris at the bank of the Volga River. The movie tells the stories of the people who failed to get used to the life in Moscow and came back to their home village. The scriptwriter is Vyacheslav Rogozhkin, a native of Tambov. Pierre Richard played the part of a local resident, Kuvaldin. Richard’s character arranges a copy of the Eiffel Tower in his village.    

Tulinovka landscapes amazed the French actor and the local climate welcomed with warmth. The football players of Moscow FC “Spartak” – Dmitry Alenichev, Denis Boyarintsev, Maxim Kalinichenko, Alexey Zuyev and Alexey Rebko – took part in the movie  too. The football players refused from stuntmen’s services and acted in the most hilarious scene of the movie where the players are playing a match against Paris villagers, knee-deep in dirt. The movie was being shot in summer time and in autumn of 2005 – in Tambov region. The editing and dubbing had been finished by 2006 but the movie wasn’t released. The DVDs were only available in 2010. 

Tulinovka village, Tambov district, Tambov region
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