The Eternal Flame

Countless memorials are erected in rememberance of the World War II victims all over the country. The most famous monumant of this kind in Tambov is the Eternal Flame.   

The monument is represented by a large concrete ring fixed on four granite columns symbolizing the four corners of the earth involved in the war and a number of years that the war lasted on the Russian territory. The inner surface of the ring is crowned with a bronze wreath of Glory and decorated with commemorative inscriptions and sculpture bas-reliefs depicting the nation-wide sorrow – “Brother-soldiers“, “Family”, “Parents”. They are separated by the words about the eternal glory of the soldiers. The Eternal Flame is burning in the center of the bronze star placed on the round base under the ring. The words inscribed along the circle around the star say: “Blessed memory to Tambovians who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. May, 9th, 1970”. The memorial was opened in May, 1970, by the 25th anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism.       

Students of Tambov schools volunteer to be the guards of honor and stand guard near the Eternal Flame in memory of the tragic events and respect for the gone fellow-townsmen.

The footpath leads from the memorial to the buildings of the Cathedral.

Cathedral Square, Tambov, Tambov region
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