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“Tambov Kolkhoznik” Memorial

During the Great Patriotic War Tambov citizens contributed their own money to supply the troops with more than four hundred tanks, 25 air squadrons of battle planes and several torpedo boates. Today one of the T-34 tanks out of “Tambov Kolkhoznik” convoy bought for the people’s money is installed on the pedestal in the center of Tambov. The tank commanded by the Hero of the Soviet Union, Philip Gokov, took part in the battles of Stalingrad, Kursk, as well as the battles for the liberation of Ukraine. Today the Tank memorial is one of the symbols of Tambov.

The place of the memorial is remarkable in its history. When Tambov fortress was founded, this was the town border and the place where the road to Kozlov (modern Michurinsk), called Kozlov Road, started from. Today this street is called Michurinskaya. At the beginning of the 18th century at the site where the tank is now there was a wooden church erected. It underwent multiple reconstructions and got its final look by 1857 in the form of a five-domed church with a tall belltower. The church was consecrated in the name of the Holy Trinity but its popular name was Nikolskaya, after the name of St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker icon. In 1933, according to the decision of the town authorities, the church was closed and soon dismantled.

To the right from the memorial you can see an interesting building. Before the revolution, this 19th century building used to house the Provincial Treasury Chamber and the Treasury. The building is remarkable by its facades facing three different streets – Sovetskaya, Moskovskaya and Michurinskaya. Today there is an administrative institution in the building.

Moskovskaya and Sovetskaya Streets intersection, Tambov
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