Lysy Gory Museum

The museum collections are displayed in three expositions. The first one is devoted to local nature. Here you will see stuffed animals and birds inhabiting Tambov region, such as wolves, boars, squirrels, a family of puddle ducks, wood grouses, black grouses, etc.

The exhibition of the grand hall narrates about the life of ancestors from the times when the village was founded to the present day. Lysy Gory village was founded in the middle of the XVII century. The museum exhibits tell the history of the construction of the Tatar rampart, Belomestny and Krasny fortresses, about constant confrontations with Nogai and Crimean hordes. The interest is centered on the layout panorama of “The Red Town” fortress and “The Belomestny Cossack” costume which represent the attire and ammunition of the first settlers in Lysy Gory.     

The third hall of the museum called “Bread is the staff of life” narrates about the work of a peasant

Lysy Gory gave rise to dozens of other villages in Tambov district that kept links to their ancestral home in their names – Belomestnaya Dvoynya, Krasnogorodskaya Kriusha, etc. Settlers from Lysy Gory villages founded many other villages in Orenburg province, in Altai, in Siberia and the Far East. There is the so-called “migration” map of the villages founded by the people from Lysy Gory with their surnames mentioned in it.    

The museum showcases an improvised “izba” (peasant's log hut) typical for Lysy Gory of the late XIX – early XX century with a traditional Russian stove, a hall, a kitchen, an icon corner, various utensils and other objects of craft and everyday life. As a Russian peasant’s hut has kept its original look without any changes for over 150 years, for many museum-goers it is a chance to remember their childhood.

2, Michurinskaya Str., Lysy Gory village, Tambov district, Tambov region
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