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Merchant Popov’s House

The building in Internatsionalnaya Street of Morshansk can’t be missed. The former owner of the house – Isidor Popov – was a respected man in Morshansk. He was a merchant, mayor and bank director. When in town, Tambov governer always stayed at Popov‘s house.  

Isidor Petrovich descended from a family of predial serfs. In order to ransom himself, he went for a quitrent and drove herds from Astrakhan. Having been granted freedom, he embarked on gross sales of bread and made a fortune. He owned four estates that he later transmitted to his sons: “The Red House” – to Maximillian, Dmitrievka – to Nikolay, Parlya – to Sergey, and Tambov estate – to Vladimir.    

Morshansk merchant’s two-storey house, richly decorated with mouldings, has been preserved well to the present day. Now it houses Morshansk center of children’s and youth’s creativity.

11, Octyabrskaya ploshchad Str., Morshansk
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