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Baylovsky Blue Rock

For as long as anyone can remember in the northern-eastern part of the old park which is a monument of nature in Baylovka village there was a revered by the locals blue rock weighing about 3 tons. They say, an image of a cross appears on this rock from time to time. The Blue Rock got its name because of its changing color after the rain – from gray to blue. Old residents of the village say that once there was an icon of St. George the Victorious found next to the rock. Multitude of people used to come to the rock to touch it and pray for help and strength. At present this place is visited by a number of people from different villages and towns.        

In 1952, the local authorities decided to move the rock of St. George the Victorious secretly from the park to the territory of Baylovka distillery. People didn’t know where the rock had been hidden for a long while. In 1990s, the villagers found the rock. After numerous petitions from the people to the local authorities asking to move the sacred rock back where it was found, the rock of St. George the Victorious was taken back to Baylovsky park. From then on, on the 6th of May every year, on the holiday of St. George the Victorious, the Baylovka residents and people from other villages get together near this rock for joint prayers.

2nd Baylovka village, Pichaevo district, Tambov region
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