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Alexandrinsky institute for Noble Maidens

When you look at this building, it is difficult to imagine that in the second half of the 18th century this place up to the Tsna riverside was occupied by the picturesque residence of Tambov governors. Gavrila Derzhavin, Tambov governor, lived here in 1786-1788. The building of Alexandrinsky institute of Noble Maidens under the name and patronage of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna was constructed on the territory of the governor’s residence.  

Initially the institute was organized for education of 12 noble maidens, the daughters of the poorest noblemen in the province, mostly the orphans – one from each district. The accommodation and education was supposed to be for free.

In 1836, during his visit to Tambov, Emperror Nicholas I approved and supported the undertaking. According to the emperror’s request, facade project and construction cost calculation were provided by the court architect and portrait-painter – professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts Alexander Bryullov, the famous painter’s elder brother. The construction began in 1839 and was completed by 1843.         

The right side was a one-storey wing. On the left from the main building there was a domestic church built and consecrated in honor of the Great Martyr Alexandra. Later the second floor was added to the right wing and a new three-storey annex was attached to the main building on the left. The building had classrooms, a dining room, bedrooms, a hospital, teachers‘ room and a concert hall.

The institute for Noble Maidens was dissolved in 1918 and since then the building had been occupied by various educational institutions based in it throughout the years. There was an agriculture school in 1922, a railroad school №51 in 1932. During the World War II the building was utilized as a military hospital and after that it was handed over to Tambov state teacher-training institute. Today the building houses Medical school of Tambov state university named after G.R. Derzhavin and Museum of the Sin.

93, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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