Tambov is the land of difficult historic events, romantic mansion houses and welcoming generous people. It is the place where one can reveal the mystery of the Russian soul.

Famous for its black earth, Tambov region is the birth place of not only Tambov wolf from the widely-known saying but of such brands as legendary potatoes and Michurinsk apples. Local honey is an object of envy of all nearby regions!

A trip to Tambov is a wonderful chance to visit the places where once lived such prominent public figures as S.V. Rakhmaninov, I.V Michurin, V.I. Vernadsky, A.M. Gerasimov, St. Pitirim and others. Tourists will be interested in Christian Orthodox sacred places of Tambov – Tambov Transfiguration Cathedral, St. Elias’s Church and Michurinsk Bogolyubsky Cathedral, Morshansk Trinity church and, of course, 107 m tall bell tower right in the center of Tambov, the tallest in Central Federal District and second tallest in Russia after the spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg.  

Souvenirs and memorable ware made by talented Tambov craftsmen will remind of your nice stay in Tambov land. Without a doubt, we are always happy to see you! We hope that your stay in Tambov will impress you in a good way.