The center of Znamenka district is Znamenka work settlement. This area has a long history. A few centuries ago this place was occupied by the so-called Dikoye Polie. Starting with the middle of the 15th century, Russian principalities began joining around Muscovite state whose borders were moving further to the South and South-East. The lands along the river banks outside of Muscovite state were settled by runaway peasants. In this way, Karian settlement, named so after the nearby river, was formed to the south from Tambov fortress.       

In the first half of the 18th century, Catherine I granted Karian to lieutenant general Artemy Zagryazhsky. As years went by, Karian estate changed its owners and names several times. The name “Znamenka” comes from the church built on the territory of the estate in 1745 in honor of the icon of Our Lady of the Sign. However, “Karian-Zagryazhskoye” name was before “Znamenka” and later it turned into “Karian-Znamensky”. Only in 1918 the village received its name of “Znamenka” back.    

Znamenka country estate and park founded in the 18th century are the main tourist attractions. Some park trees are more than 200 years old. 

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