In the 14th century the Vorona river marked the border between Ryazan principality and the Golden Horde. In place of present-day Uvarovo there were Russian guard troops at the right bank of the river. Later on, the troops became Uvarovo Cossacks and founded the first settlements here in 1699. The new settlement got its name thanks to P.S. Uvarov, the local hunter and beekeeper. A postroad from Borisoglebsk to Kirsanov was laid through the village in 1779. A stone church was built in 1840 and from then on the villagers started organizing trade fairs. Oblovka railway station, that received its name from the engineer’s surname who used to design it, was constructed in 1893 at the place not far from Uvarovo which is now a part of the town.

In 1960, Uvarovo village was transformed into the industrial township that became a town in 1966.

The lands of Uvarovo have always been famous for their cherry orchards. Not without a reason a cherry tree is depicted in the coat of arms of the town and is a symbol of kindness and tenderness.            

The purple color of the fruits implies the glory, respect, noble descent and antiquity. 


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