The area of Tambov district is often called “Pritambovye” (vicinities of Tambov) because the district is situated in the center of the region surrounding Tambov. 

In ancient times the district was the place where Mordvinian tribes and Turkic nomads used to settle. The first record of the settlements in Tambov vicinities dates back to the 17th century when first Russian settlers formed such villages as Bokino, Goreloye, Kuksovo, etc.  

The foundation of Tambov fortress in 1636 facilitated the settling process. Construction and fortification of the southern security line caused faster growth of the district population. The Tatar rampart located in the limits of the district and used for protection of Tambov vicinities against nomadic raids is a witness of those times. Nowadays, the district has a lot of monuments of nature and architecture on its territory. The landscape features and unique nature had an impact on the number of recreation areas located in the vicinities of Tambov.

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