Sampur district is located in the southern part of Tambov region. The center of the district is Satinka settlement. It is Sampur district where the main Tambov river Tsna starts from and runs for almost 450 km away. From Sampur village where the river is shallow and narrow it further flows to the North-West.  

Many famous people were born in the district. For instance, old Gavrilovka village was the place where well-known gardener and enlightener N.I. Komsin lived and worked. He developed a new variety of cold-resistant apples – “komsinsky” apples. Prominent composer S.V. Rakhmaninov used to stay in Komsin’s country estate on his way to his own estate in Uvarovo. There was G.V. Chicherin’s close relatives’ country estate in Periksa village.

Kazan church in Petrovka and the Egg Festival held annually in May are the interesting sights for tourists to attend. 

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