The history of Petrovsky district dates back to the ancient times. People lived here along the Matyra river even in the lithic age. In ancient times there was a tract connecting the southern tribes of nomadic stock breeders and the northern tribes of farmers.   

A large Slavic Russian settlement with well-developed craft industry existed nearby the Matyra river in the 12th century. But during Batu Khan’s invasion this area was completely devastated and only in the 17th century these lands began being cultivated and populated again.    

Today, Petrovsky district is famous for its orchards. There is plenty of everything but apple orchards and raspberry plantations occupy the most territory.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of these lands, Dubovy village is for you! Count Oblov’s old country estate looks like a fairy-tale coffer. There is an amazing museum in it.

Another village where you can admire the beauty of the district is Stenshino. The village is believed to be founded by Cossacks and hence the name – the endearing form of their leader’s name – Stensha (from Stepan Razin). A famous Russian physicist, an inventor of filament lamp, Alexander Lodygin, was born here. Only a commemorative place has remained of the Lodygins’ country estate but visitors will certainly enjoy the thuja grove laid by the owners.

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