The center of Muchkapsky district is Muchkapsky settlement. The first record of this populated area dates back to 1730. The experts of local history believe that the name of the settlement and district comes from the Russian word meaning “flour”.

The history of the 15th-16th centuries didn’t have much impact on this area. The banks of the Vorona River were far enough from the historic events as the lands were remote and swampy. However, the settlers inhabited these lands much earlier. In 1962, the archeological excavations of one of the ramparts revealed the remains of a human who lived here 4 000 years ago.   

Muchkapsky district is the land of legends. One of them narrates the story about Stepan Razin’s treasure hidden under a thick layer of mud at the bottom of the Otrozhnoye lake. Allegedly, while escaping pursuers, Razin’s followers sank a boat carrying the leader’s money into the lake.     

Poet Boris Pasternak made Muchkap famous in the 20th century. While traveling by railroad and waiting for his transit, he wrote his “The Flies of Muchkap Tearoom” and “Muchkap” and other poems.

The cranberry bog is known far beyond the district border. It is one of the most southern place where cranberry grows. Muchkap is also famous for its collection of monuments by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. 

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